Malcolm & Eddie - Episode Guide for Season 4

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Three of Club Malcolm and Eddie seek help from an outside investor. 05/22/2000
E21 Mid-Wife Crisis Dexter's wife goes into labor in Malcolm and Eddie's apartment. 05/15/2000
E20 Double Play Malcolm gets a chance to serve as commentator for a professional baseball game. 05/08/2000
E19 Moving Violations The guys move in with their respective girlfriends. 05/01/2000
E18 Buddy's Ashes Eddie mistakenly uses the urn containing Malcolm's uncle's ashes as a vase. 04/10/2000
E17 Radio Daze The guys convince Mia's DJ boyfriend to do a live broadcast from the club. 03/20/2000
E16 Swooped Malcolm's ex-girlfriend (Alexia Robinson) will inherit her father's fortune if she marries Eddie. 02/21/2000
E15 The Best Men Malcolm hires a stripper for a bachelor party, which prompts the bride to call off the wedding. 02/14/2000
E14 Bullets Over Kansas City A rival nightclub owner makes Eddie a tempting offer; Nicolette enters a short story contest. 02/07/2000
E13 Designing Woman The guys hire an interior designer who may be out to scam them. 01/24/2000
E12 Your Number's Up Eddie forgets to buy a lottery ticket for Malcolm, whose numbers win. 01/03/2000
E11 Sneaky, Thieving, Double-Crossing Dates From Hell Leonard's date humiliates him at the Fifty/Fifty Club. 12/06/1999
E10 A Fowl and Stormy Night Malcolm and Eddie find themselves stranded in a deserted town by a hurricane on Thanksgiving. 11/22/1999
E9 Fairly Decent Proposal An older woman offers to pay Eddie's debt if he can arrange for Malcolm to hook up with her. 11/15/1999
E8 The Wrongest Yard Eddie accidentally gives the Kansas City Chiefs' running back a concussion. 11/08/1999
E7 Won't Power Nicolette challenges the guys to a contest to see who can stay celibate the longest. 11/01/1999
E6 The Tapawingo Witch Project Malcolm and friends set out into the woods to make a horror movie. 10/18/1999
E5 Worst Impressions Malcolm and Eddie reverse roles to understand how each other thinks. 10/04/1999
E4 Clubbed Malcolm and Eddie launch an ambitious campaign to compete with a hot new club. 09/27/1999
E3 Hot Pants Eddie takes a "tough love" approach to a cousin looking for handouts. 09/20/1999
E2 Ship Outta Luck The duo agrees to listen to a realty sales-pitch in order to get a free seven-day cruise. 09/13/1999
E1 Hanging by a Dred Ashley catches Malcolm kissing Olivia; Eddie takes Malcolm flying. 09/06/1999