Man Land - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Colorful Pool Hall; Hardware Haven; Off Roader's Paradise A Stamford, Conn., man transforms his den into an elegant pool hall; an ingenious basement bar. 11/19/2009
E12 Sports Shrine; Irish Pub on a Penny; Posh Poker Palace A Chicago-themed sports bar inspires a homeowner's basement shrine to sports and beer; poker palace. 08/28/2009
E11 Cigar Lounge; Aircraft Hangar; Wild West Town A basement becomes a cigar lounge; an aircraft hangar attached to a man's house. 08/15/2009
E10 Football Player's Media Room; Cave Recording Studio; Firehouse A man's room includes a big-screen TV and cigar-smoked leather furniture. 08/08/2009
E9 Manlandia; Porsche Palace; That '70s Room Featured rooms include a posh Porsche palace and a groovy rock `n' roll storehouse. 08/01/2009
E8 Dolphin Den; Vintage Theater A man dedicates his basement to the Miami Dolphins; a vintage movie palace. 07/25/2009
E7 Texas Tuff Shed A shed made of cedar and metal; a four-zone play area; an attic devoted to sports. 07/18/2009
E6 A Pub, a Blue Pig and Pirates Man-centric rooms include a hand-crafted pub, a jam band bar and a jungle-like backyard. 07/11/2009
E5 Seabiscuit Barn Featured rooms include a sports sanctum and Seabiscuit's barn. 06/27/2009
E4 50 Yard Line Bar Featured rooms include a 50-yard-line bar and a maximalist's mix. 06/20/2009
E3 Rock Wall Den Rooms include a bulldog bonanza and a den with a rock wall. 06/13/2009
E2 Drunken Monkey Lava Lounge A tiki lounge; an acid artist's studio. 06/06/2009
E1 Middle Earth Man Land, Sin City Style, Bar in a Barn Three men go to great lengths to create space for themselves in their homes. 05/30/2009