Manhattan Matchmaker - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Rachel Lisa and Michael help Rachel find the fine line between signaling interest and being too available. 07/25/2006
E12 Shira A woman needs a more mature look. 07/18/2006
E11 Dave Lisa and Michael tackle the challenge of getting Dave to discover his outer cool and his inner edge. 07/11/2006
E10 Sharon 06/24/2006
E9 Mary 06/17/2006
E8 Tammy A woman's life has revolved around work since her divorce. 06/13/2006
E7 Max Max's need to control and analyze everything keeps men at a distance. 05/30/2006
E6 Alan Alan's intellectual pursuits have isolated him from everyday relationships. 05/24/2006
E5 Joel Youth group director Joel says he is ready for marriage and a family. 05/17/2006
E4 Sigrid Sigrid wants the warmth of marriage and a family but is afraid of being hurt again. 05/10/2006
E3 Tracy Tracy is charming, assertive and confident. 05/03/2006
E2 Katherine Katherine developed a nervous habit that is preventing her from connecting to anyone. 04/26/2006
E1 Emilia At age 32, Emilia has never had a long term relationship. 04/19/2006