Marriage Camp - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E6 Chris & Kathy, James & Christy James treats his wife badly; forgiveness for abuse. 11/28/2007
E5 Doug & Samantha, Jimmy & Jessica, Shawn & Melva Parents need to grow up; couple disagree on parenting. 11/21/2007
E4 Chris & Jessica, James & Barb Disagreement about where to live; struggling with mental illness. 11/14/2007
E3 Justin & Gina, Ryan & Christy, Felix & Michelle Sets of high-school sweethearts face problems in their relationships. 11/07/2007
E2 Steve & Laura, Rashad & Rebecca Steve and Laura fight for control, while Rebecca and Rashad face a history of cheating. 10/31/2007
E1 Don & Michelle, Ken & Christy, Jared & Angie When camp begins, no one thinks Ken and Christy have a chance. 10/24/2007