Married to the Army: Alaska - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E8 I'm an Army Wife Salina finds closure; Traci and Sara learn about being "battle buddies." 12/29/2012
E7 We Gotta Get Out of the Army Salina worries that her husband will not make it home for the birth; Sara plots to leave the Army. 12/29/2012
E6 A Proper Army Wife Lindsey takes a crash course in cooking; Blair battles depression by starting a career. 12/29/2012
E5 The Rules of Engagement Traci's bad behavior ruins her friendship with Sara; Lindsey prepares to attend the Army Ball. 12/07/2012
E4 Attack on FOB Salerno A suicide bombing occurs down range; Traci and Blair's friendship is tested. 12/07/2012
E3 Knock at the Door Blair tries to reconnect with her husband; Yolanda's son visits from West Point. 11/25/2012
E2 You Ever Been in a Turkish Prison? Lindsey struggles with an emotionally distracted husband; Blair's lingerie shopping is disrupted. 11/19/2012
E1 The Hooters Comment Was Offensive Yolanda tries to promote sisterhood among the battalion wives; arguing over Army wife etiquette. 11/18/2012