Meg's Great Rooms - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Meg Designs Her Own Great Room Meg designs the great room in her own home. 08/11/2012
E12 Old Home, New Great Room A woman wants to capitalize on the original tin ceilings of her home. 07/21/2012
E11 Retro Style Great Room With a View A couple wants to revive their condo in the Marina City towers. 07/14/2012
E10 City Dweller Kitchen & Great Room Rather than fleeing to the suburbs for more space, a family wants to make its home function better. 07/07/2012
E9 No Title For this Episode Creating a hip, contemporary home for a young couple. 06/30/2012
E8 Everyone Loves a Hidden Door, Especially in an Elegant Space A bland living room becomes a classy, comfortable room. 06/23/2012
E7 Eclectic Vintage Great Room A couple likes vintage items that do not look coordinated. 06/16/2012
E6 Kitchen Transformed With Texture Using texture to transform a dumping-ground kitchen. 06/09/2012
E5 Vintage Modern Mash Up A kitchen makeover merges vintage elements with modern ones. 06/02/2012
E4 Teeny Tiny Great Room A kitchen must be completely reconfigured to reflect an outdoorsy feeling. 05/26/2012
E3 Contemporary Meets 1960s Mod Inspired by a home's architecture, Meg blends child-friendly items and design elements. 05/19/2012
E2 Cozy Lodge Retreat Updating a kitchen, dining and living room with an atmosphere for entertaining. 05/12/2012
E1 Designing From the Outside In Meg uses a couple's love of nature as inspiration for their split-level home. 05/05/2012