Men in Trees - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E19 Taking the Lead Marin gets a large check for her latest book; Sam's budget-friendly ways frustrate Jane. 06/11/2008
E18 Surprise, Surprise Marin's celebratory spa trip lands her in a predicament. 06/04/2008
E17 New Dogs, Old Tricks Marin helps Jack prepare for his first lecture as a college professor. 05/28/2008
E16 Kiss and Don't Tell Marin asks Jack if Cash can convalesce at their house. 04/23/2008
E15 Wander/Lust Jack and Marin invite Julia and her husband, Jim, over for dinner. 04/16/2008
E14 Get a Life Morgan Fairchild wants the movie rights to Marin's life story. 04/02/2008
E13 A Tale of Two Kidneys Marin and Jack return from New York to find that Cash needs a kidney transplant. 03/26/2008
E12 Read Between the Minds Celia puts Patrick in jail; Sam is surprised when he learns the truth about Jane's parents. 03/19/2008
E11 Home, Seized Home Jack and Marin decide to move in together but have trouble merging their different lifestyles. 03/12/2008
E10 Sonata in Three Parts Eric's church group catches Sara in a compromising position. 03/05/2008
E9 Charity Case Marin gets an unexpected visitor; Sara provides a temporary haven for Eric. 02/27/2008
E8 Sweatering It Out Marin, unaware that Jack's ship has gone down, is upset by his lack of communication. 12/07/2007
E7 Sea Change Marin questions the terms of her relationship with Jack. 11/23/2007
E6 Nice Day for a Dry Wedding, Part 2 Dangerous and unforeseen events threaten Patrick and Annie's wedding. 11/16/2007
E5 The Girl Who Cried Wolf Wolves descend on Elmo, causing a fight between Marin and Jack. 11/09/2007
E4 I Wood if I Could Romance finds its way back into Marin's life by way of gifts from Jack. 11/02/2007
E3 No Man Is an Iceland When Mai's cousin visits from China, George offers to marry her. 10/26/2007
E2 Chemical Reactions Marin gets lost in the woods when she goes in search of stew ingredients. 10/19/2007
E1 A Tree Goes in Elmo Mai and Buzz argue over his first choice for a wife. 10/12/2007