Mixed Blessings - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 There's No Place Like Home Hank and Josie decide to take a romantic vacation. 03/02/2010
E12 The Young Apprentice Hank takes on the roles of boss and father figure, Tazz feels threatened. 02/23/2010
E11 Happy Anniversary The family plans a surprise anniversary party for Hank and Josie. 02/22/2010
E10 Fruit of Another Josie begins working for Hank; Kate schemes to have Josie run a cafe on the Reserve. 02/09/2010
E9 Dances With Wolfy The Kowalchuks meet their new neighbor; Josie feels threatened. 02/02/2010
E8 Dead Goose Josie feels walks off her shift to help Hank with a plumbing task. 01/26/2010
E7 Missing Mojo A back injury leaves Hank on the couch; Josie loses her patience. 01/19/2010
E6 Party Hardly Mick and Hank graduate together; Tazz crashes the grad dinner. 01/12/2010
E5 Monkey Business Hank becomes jealous when Josie's ex-boyfriend receives special attention. 01/05/2010
E4 Boyfriends Back Mick's father mysteriously shows up to smooth out some old bumps; Hank and Mick begin to bond. 12/29/2009
E3 Kate's Clock Tickin; Tazz Is Chicken Kate's biological clock kicks in; Doreen transforms into "bridezilla"; Tazz gets cold feet. 12/22/2009
E2 3AM Feedings Hank and Josie are reminded of what it's like to be new parents. 12/15/2009
E1 Do Not Feather Vicky dates a new boy; a family picnic turns friction into fun. 12/08/2009