Mobbed - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E10 We're Having a Baby Strangers help a woman tell her husband that she's pregnant. 01/03/2013
E9 Marry Me Now, or It's Over Strangers help a woman tell her boyfriend that if they don't get married, they are breaking up. 01/03/2013
E8 Hot for Teacher Strangers help a woman surprise a friend who she has been secretly in love with for some time. 01/02/2013
E7 You Saved My Life A woman honors her firefighter father and the memory of her sister, who died in a car accident. 01/02/2013
E6 A Father Lost for 37 Years Choreographers stage a dance audition for a man, 37, who wants a chance to meet his father. 02/08/2012
E5 Brawling Brothers Howie and more than 100 strangers help Tim apologize to Nick, his brother and band mate. 02/01/2012
E4 No Title For this Episode Howie and thousands of strangers help a woman reveal a secret she's been hiding from her family. 01/11/2012
E3 I Love You and We've Never Met Howie and hundreds of strangers help a man reveal his feelings to his long-distance best friend. 01/04/2012
E2 A Father's Apology Howie Mandel and a group of strangers help a man plan a surprise for a family member. 11/23/2011
E1 Will You Marry Me A group of people comes together to put on surprise performances. 03/31/2011