Mr. Young - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E25 Mr. Finale The gang follows Dang to Vietnam, in hopes of convincing him to come back. 11/28/2013
E24 Mr. Spin Off 11/21/2013
E23 Mr. Kidd Adam tries to stop Mr. Kidd from stealing. 11/17/2013
E22 Mr. Interview 11/14/2013
E21 Mr. First Impression--Part 3 Adam uses a time machine to go back in time so he can make a better first impression on Echo. 08/18/2013
E20 Mr. Court When Mrs. Straupersson is found dead, Ivy gets put on trial. 04/02/2013
E19 Mr. Kid 03/26/2013
E18 Mr. Memory 03/19/2013
E17 Mr. First Impression-Part 1 Adam uses a time machine to travel back to his very first day as a science teacher. 03/12/2013
E16 Mr. Freshman Adam and his old professor tell Ivy about Adam's first day on campus. 03/05/2013
E15 Mr. Love Letter A student takes credit for writing Adam's love letter to Echo and Adam must prove him wrong. 03/05/2013
E14 Mr. Double Date Echo decides she and Adam should set each other up on a double date. 02/26/2013
E13 Mr. Slumber Party Ivy invites Echo to a slumber party at the Young house; Adam must not let Echo find the shrine. 02/26/2013
E12 Mr. Sasquawk After freeing a Sasquawk, a giant chicken monster, Adam is kidnapped by the beast who loves him. 02/19/2013
E11 Mr. Heart Echo gets sick on Valentine's Day, so Adam shrinks down to fight the cold. 02/14/2013
E10 Mr. Club Adam is determined to join Finnegan's secret club. 02/05/2013
E9 Mr. Tutor Adam tutors Ivy in exchange for tickets to a music festival. 01/29/2013
E8 Mr. Sci-Fi Adam is hired as a science advisor for a sci-fi movie being shot in Finnegan. 01/22/2013
E7 Mr. Time Time is accelerated after an experiment went wrong; Adam and Derby age. 01/08/2013
E6 Mr. Elf Adam accidentally gets Santa Claus's elves fired and must work to get them rehired. 12/12/2012
E5 Mr. Hyde Adam creates a serum that turns him into a monster. 11/30/2012
E4 Mr. Apartment Adam moves into an apartment. 11/20/2012
E3 Mr. Magic Adam tries to turn a group outing to the Magic Mansion into a date with Echo. 11/13/2012
E2 Mr. and Mrs. Roboto Arthur returns with his new robot family. 11/11/2012
E1 Mr. Candy The gang tries to remember what they did during their candy-fueled haze the night before. 10/16/2012