My First Sale - Episode Guide for Season 6

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Big Renovation Doesn't Mean Sale A couple wants to find a smaller yard. 12/21/2012
E12 Dealing With Neighbor's Comp A couple resists lowering their price in hopes of remaining competitive. 12/14/2012
E11 Unique Home Is Difficult to Price A couple's cozy, unique home is difficult to price. 12/07/2012
E10 Downsizing to Prepare for a Family A couple search for a smaller home that they can afford with one income. 11/30/2012
E9 Realtor Quits Mid-Sale A couple wants to sell their lakefront condo due to safety concerns for their toddler. 11/16/2012
E8 Creative Selling Strategies Trying new strategies to sell a small Biscayne Bay condo. 11/09/2012
E7 Cash Offer Looks Best in Hindsight A couple is ready to leave Florida and return to Ohio to be near family. 11/02/2012
E6 No Title For this Episode A couple needs a larger house to accommodate their pets. 10/26/2012
E5 Staging Transformation A couple must sell their starter home. 10/19/2012
E4 Fate Changes Plans The lack of backyard hinders the sale of a single mother's home. 10/12/2012
E3 Selling Over Fiance's Fears A woman's fear of heights prompts her fiance to sell his condo on the 29th floor. 04/25/2012
E2 Buy First, Sell Home Later A couple buys a second house and must scurry to avoid the double mortgages. 04/18/2012
E1 Family Friendly House Hunt A couple wants to trade a golf course home for something family-friendly. 10/24/2011