Nat Geo Amazing! - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E10 Prison Hotel, Octopus Gumnastics, and Flesh-Eating Beetles Flesh-eating beetles; a hotel run like a prison; indoor skydiving. 09/10/2010
E9 Jesus Lizard and Ghost Science Ice climbing; snake wrangling; the making of a Japanese monster movie. 09/03/2010
E8 Desert Killers and the Flying Boat Car Science of fighting; flying boat car; the deadliest animals of the desert. 08/27/2010
E7 World's Oldest Mummiest and Lego Robots The world's oldest mummies; Lego robots; monster fish. 08/20/2010
E6 Buried Alive and Fight Festival Fight festival; microscopic masterpieces; the science of avalanche survival. 08/13/2010
E5 Bridge Jumping and Sword Swallowing Bridge jumping; sword swallowing; clever crows; balloon thieves. 08/06/2010
E4 Man-Eating Snakes and the Invisible Man Wingsuit jumping; giant mechanical elephant; transparent animals. 07/30/2010
E3 Spider Eaters, Kung Fu Monks and Vampire Bats Bike stunts; edible spiders; alligators eating snakes. 07/23/2010
E2 Cobra Town, Amazing Mummies and Hogzilla Extreme unicycling; motorcycle crashes; giant squid. 07/16/2010
E1 Killer Swarms and Urban Penguins Urban penguins; flying cars; samurai swordsmen. 07/09/2010