Nigella Feasts - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Comfort Food Beef casserole with double-mashed potatoes. 01/14/2007
E12 Feel Good Food Smoked salmon; avocado and pumpkin seed salad; prawn and noodle salad. 01/07/2007
E11 Spiced Up Chicken curry; rice. 12/10/2006
E10 Just Desserts Peach Melba; cupcakes; Fruit Frizz. 12/03/2006
E9 Solitary Sensations Lamb; spaghetti; chocolate dessert. 11/26/2006
E8 Exotic Evening Red bean dip; eggplant dip; salad with toasted pita shards; lamb meatballs. 11/19/2006
E7 Food to Go Mushroom pasta bake; cranberry glazed ham. 11/12/2006
E6 Chocolate Heaven Chocolate: cake; cheesecake; brownies. 11/05/2006
E5 Breakfast All Hours Raspberry and oatmeal swirls; chocolate and peanut granola. 10/29/2006
E4 Fun Food Baked potatoes; chicken nuggets; iced cookies. 10/22/2006
E3 Delicious Dinners Salmon; pork chops; spinach and tomato salad. 10/15/2006
E2 Weekend Wonders Chicken and sausage bake; roast potatoes; chocolate cake. 10/08/2006
E1 Crowd Pleasers Spicy beef chili with a cornbread topping; guacamole; chocolate cherry trifle. 10/01/2006