Nothing Personal - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E6 Voodoo Sex Cult A broke and desperate man hatches a bizarre plan involving a soul transfer and a deadly bullet. 04/11/2012
E5 Beefcake's Revenge A man who runs a silent-movie theater is worth more dead than alive. 04/04/2012
E4 Money Shot The Peraino brothers bankroll the film "Deep Throat" but argue when the money begins to roll in. 03/21/2012
E3 No Title For this Episode Le violent époux d'une femme engage un tueur à gages pour la tuer. 03/13/2012
E3 Married to a Rockstar A man skilled at manipulation forms a sinister plot to gun down his pregnant wife. 03/14/2012
E2 Turnabout is Fair Play A woman's violent husband puts out a hit on her life, but it's not the wife that ends up dead. 03/13/2012
E1 Femme Fatale Wife scams her husband in a deadly scheme and sets up a hit using his money. 03/07/2012