NYPD Blue - Episode Guide for Season 12

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E20 Moving Day Sipowicz has to make some tough decisions as he starts a new chapter in his life. 03/01/2005
E19 Bale to the Chief The temporary boss cares more about golf than solving crimes. 02/22/2005
E18 Lenny Scissorhands Sipowicz, Murphy and Clark investigate the shooting of a fellow police officer. 02/15/2005
E17 Sergeant Sipowicz' Lonely Hearts Club Band A U.S. Army sergeant is shot to death, and the brother of a soldier killed in Iraq is a suspect. 02/08/2005
E16 Old Man Quiver Sipowicz probes the murder of an elderly millionaire. 02/01/2005
E15 La Bomba The corpse of a business owner with dealings in Colombia. 01/25/2005
E14 Stratis Fear Sipowicz and Clark probe the murder of a successful restaurateur who had a taste for young girls. 01/18/2005
E13 Stoli With a Twist Sipowicz and Clark investigate a serial killer who preys on female members of AA. 01/11/2005
E12 I Love My Wives, But Oh You Kid Sipowicz and Clark investigate the death of a former hooker. 12/21/2004
E11 Bale Out Sipowicz finds Bale's credit card in a crime suspect's home. 12/14/2004
E10 The Dead Donald The brother of a mentally impaired man is found dead. 12/07/2004
E9 The 3-H Club Jones' may be the weapon that killed Michael's father. 11/30/2004
E8 I Like Ike Clark continues to protect an endangered witness. 11/23/2004
E7 My Dinner With Andy Clark finds redemption in protecting a murder witness. 11/16/2004
E6 The Vision Thing Antiques dealer reports a theft; Medavoy takes a part-time job. 11/09/2004
E5 You're Buggin' Me Sipowicz is shot while helping Clark home from a bar. 10/26/2004
E4 Divorce, Detective Style A man reports that his son is being held for ransom. 10/19/2004
E3 Great Balls of Ire Sipowicz's son is abducted, and a reformed sex offender is murdered. 10/12/2004
E2 Fish Out of Water A murder may lead to an adoption scam; a woman claims to have been beaten and robbed. 09/28/2004
E1 Dress for Success The new commanding officer alienates the squad; Ortiz partners with a rookie. 09/21/2004