Odyssey 5 - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E20 Fossil Chuck learns a rock brought back from the moon links the Cadre to the Sentients. 02/27/2003
E19 Rage A series of murders draws Odyssey 5 to a small town where Sentients are poisoning the water. 02/20/2003
E18 Half-Life The ghostly apparition of a missing pilot haunts Sarah. 02/05/2003
E17 Follow the Leader The team uncovers a Sentient plot that is using elementary-school students. 01/29/2003
E16 Vanishing Point Dr. Bertran attempts to download information directly from Taggart's brain. 01/22/2003
E15 Begotten The Odyssey crew must hunt and kill a synthetic; Taggart embarks on a personal Odyssey. 01/15/2003
E14 Skin The crew scrambles to save Angela's father; Sarah and Troy grow closer. 09/13/2002
E13 The Trouble With Harry A Sentient warns the crew of danger; Angela embarks on a romance with a baseball player. 09/06/2002
E12 Dark at the End of the Tunnel Angela wants to change history by preventing her father's death. 08/30/2002
E11 Kitten Posing as a beautiful woman, a Sentient stalks Neil through e-mail. 08/23/2002
E10 Flux Marc faces expulsion from the astronaut training program; Paul takes Sarah to court. 08/16/2002
E9 L.D.U.-7 Taggart, Mendel and Sarah search for a clue at a privately operated maximum-security prison. 08/09/2002
E8 Rapture A Sentient-created drug circulates at Neil's high school. 08/02/2002
E7 The Choices We Make A mysterious being forces the team to relive its most personal encounters. 07/26/2002
E6 Symbiosis A niece with impaired hearing communicates with technology-enhanced ants. 07/19/2002
E5 Time Out of Mind The crew members lose their future memories, and only Mendel is left to save them. 07/12/2002
E4 Astronaut Dreams Taggart and Neil attempt to scuttle a NASA satellite test. 07/05/2002
E3 Shatterer A suicidal researcher believes artificial life has broken into cyberspace. 06/28/2002
E2 Pilot 06/21/2002
E1 Pilot 06/21/2002