Oh Baby - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Dot.Coms Are Human, Too Tracy jumps to the aid of one of TrustMom.com's customers. 03/11/2000
E21 Image Tracy outgrows her current boyfriend. 03/04/2000
E20 Launch Consumed with trying to launch her Web site, Tracy forgets Danny's first birthday. 02/26/2000
E19 What It Should Be and What It Is Tracy and Charlotte undergo a reality check as they launch their own company. 02/19/2000
E18 Business and Romance Doug stumbles upon Charlotte kissing Billy. 02/12/2000
E17 TrustMom.com Billy's unexpected return sparks romance for Charlotte and a new career for Tracy. 01/29/2000
E16 Priorities An action committee targets makers of violent computer games for children. 01/22/2000
E15 Cinderella Tracy tries to spend a night of luxury at a hotel. 01/15/2000
E14 Management Tracy hires a junior account executive with an arrogant attitude. 01/08/2000
E13 Friendship Tracy has mixed emotions when she accidentally meets up with her ex-boyfriend Rick. 12/18/1999
E12 Guilt Tracy is jealous of the bond between Danny and his care-giver. 12/13/1999
E11 Confidence Tracy discovers that Danny is being neglected by her company's day-care giver. 12/04/1999
E10 Family History Tracy invites her family over for Danny's first Thanksgiving. 11/27/1999
E9 Father Figure Celia arranges a date for Tracy; Charlotte considers dating Dr. Bryan. 10/23/1999
E8 Convention Tracy brings Danny and Celia to a corporate retreat in Hawaii. 10/16/1999
E7 Rebound Tracy dates a single father; Charlotte dates a young millionaire. 10/09/1999
E6 Corruption Tracy competes to get Danny into the best "Mommy and Me" program. 09/25/1999
E5 Goodbye Again Danny comes between Rick and Tracy. 09/18/1999
E4 Balance Tracy returns to work and leaves Danny in day care. 09/11/1999
E3 The Colonel Rick's father dates Tracy's mother. 09/04/1999
E2 Social Pressure Tracy debates breast-feeding Daniel. 08/28/1999
E1 Sitting on Babies Tracy is unable to trust anyone to watch her baby. 08/21/1999