Oliver Beene - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E14 Babysitting Oliver is conned into baby-sitting for Joyce, then he steals her job. 09/12/2004
E13 A Trip to Coney Island A parking spot sparks a feud between the Beenes and their neighbor. 08/29/2004
E12 Catskills A restful vacation goes awry when Oliver challenges a Simon Says champ. 08/22/2004
E11 Fallout Oliver spends a weekend in a fallout shelter with his family. 08/15/2004
E10 Girly Dad During a father-son baseball game, Ted discovers his father throws like a girl. 06/27/2004
E9 Kissing Babies Oliver's partner is Joyce during his first make-out party. 06/20/2004
E8 Oliver & the Otters Oliver decides to form his own rock 'n' roll group to impress his crush. 06/13/2004
E7 Idol Chatter Jerry tries to outdo his neighbors' house party by telling a lie. 06/06/2004
E6 Disposa Boy Oliver is placed in remedial classes by a former teacher, Mrs Heller. 03/14/2004
E5 Ward Have Mercy The school bully agrees to fight for Oliver, if he gets him a date. 03/07/2004
E4 X-Ray Specs Oliver sends away for x-ray glasses seen advertised in a comic book; Jerry gets tickets to see JFK. 02/22/2004
E3 Daughter for a Day Oliver wants to become more of a man, and Ted tries to impress Elke. 02/15/2004
E2 Soup to Nuts The other students mistakenly think Oliver threw up on himself after he spills some soup. 02/08/2004
E1 Dibs Oliver and Ted argue over who has the right to date the Swedish exchange student. 02/04/2004