Once a Thief - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Endgame After the Tang Godfather is assassinated, the team almost separates over Michael's real agenda. 05/02/1998
E21 Family Reunion Li Ann has premonitions that her brother isn't dead. 04/25/1998
E20 Politics of Love Mac's life is threatened when the team protects a love-stricken politician from environmentalists. 03/28/1998
E19 Shaken Not Stirred A top spy helps stop a bomber who may have links to a terrorist group. 03/21/1998
E18 The Director Files The Director turns against the agency thanks to a close encounter with an unknown force. 03/14/1998
E17 Little Sister Victor is summoned to rescue his little sister from a gang of alt-culture criminals. 03/07/1998
E16 Kangaroo Court The gang attempts to save Jackie from an underground justice system. 02/28/1998
E15 True Blue Victor is haunted by criminal ex-cop buddies who think he is ratting them out. 02/21/1998
E14 Li Ann's Choice Li Ann is suspended; Jackie, Mac and Victor shut down arms dealers. 02/14/1998
E13 Mama's Boys Mac is adopted by jewel thieves who are being manipulated by a murderous mastermind. 02/07/1998
E12 Last Temptation of Vic Victor gets mixed up with a gang of wiseguys. 01/31/1998
E11 That Old Gang of Mine Mac and Li Ann investigate a teenage mob boss and encounter their "Godfather.". 01/24/1998
E10 Wedding Bell Blues Mac falls in love with a woman suspected of selling nuclear grenades. 01/17/1998
E9 Jaded Love Victor's old flame asks him for help after she's threatened by a client. 11/17/1997
E8 Drive, She Said Victor and Mac are sent to a safe house after the assassination of male agents. 11/10/1997
E7 It Happened One Night An Arabian prince is kidnapped while under the team's protection. 10/27/1997
E6 Wang Dang Doodle The team investigates the Agency's use of a dangerous drug on agents. 10/20/1997
E5 Mac Daddy Mac's long-lost father appears; Li Ann investigates a spa linked to arms dealers. 10/13/1997
E4 Art of Death A cop who arrested Mac and Li Ann works with the agency to stop a terrorist cult. 10/06/1997
E3 Trial Marriage Mac tracks a terrorist team; scientists die after a convention. 09/29/1997
E2 Rave On An investigation into the death of several teens uncovers dangerous youth rave culture. 09/22/1997
E1 Big Bang Theory Members of an elite law enforcement agency fight crime in North America. 09/15/1997