X-Weighted - Episode Guide for Season 5

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 No Title For this Episode A 16-year-old girl still mourns the death of her father through binge eating. 03/25/2011
E12 No Title For this Episode A 14-year-old follows his brother's healthy footsteps and tries to inspire the rest of his family. 03/03/2011
E11 Leanne Leanne wants to inspire her family to kick their bad habits and train for a grueling mountain hike. 01/20/2011
E10 Chris An obese 18-year-old wants to get out of his parent's basement, shed some pounds and find love. 01/06/2011
E9 Elyssa and Jenessa Two overweight teenage sisters try to end a family cycle of coddling and overindulgence. 12/30/2010
E8 Layla An obese student who has been bullied by her peers since junior high is desperate to lose weight. 12/23/2010
E7 Kayla Kayla vows to end her bad habits before she follows in her dad's morbidly obese footsteps. 12/16/2010
E6 Keira Keira tries to stop her family's cycle of food addiction and obesity. 12/09/2010
E5 Kaitlyn Three overweight female family members struggle with depression and loneliness. 12/02/2010
E4 Families V A family regains control of their weight. 11/04/2010
E3 Liam An overwhelmed and exhausted mother has a hard time controlling her 11-year-old son's eating habits. 10/21/2010
E2 X-Weighted: Families V A girl decides to shed weight. 10/21/2010
E1 X-Weighted: Families V A boy reconnects with his father and loses weight. 10/21/2010