Out of Jimmy's Head - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E20 Lunch Tables 05/02/2008
E19 Out of Jimmy's Body After switching bodies with Jimmy, Sonny can finally see cartoons. 04/25/2008
E18 Bad Fad Jimmy falls into a clique who believes in being in touch with one's inner child. 04/11/2008
E17 Movie Craig and Jimmy trick Yancy into starring in an alien invasion movie. 04/04/2008
E16 Princess When Robin brings a date to movie night, Jimmy animates a cartoon princess so he can date her. 03/28/2008
E15 Stunt Craig and Jimmy go to war with Internet video star Donny Ironsides. 03/21/2008
E14 Craig Steals Dad Craig offers to occupy Dad during Jimmy's birthday party. 03/14/2008
E13 Cartoons Drive 02/18/2008
E12 Outdoors Convinced his father lied, Jimmy goes into the wilderness with a cartoon owl. 02/01/2008
E11 Ambush Robin seeks revenge during a school-wide game of ambush after Jimmy ruins her rock opera. 12/14/2007
E10 Detention Jimmy and Craig enlist Golly's help in tunneling out of detention. 12/07/2007
E9 Skate Head In order to get a date with Robin, Jimmy needs to learn how to skate. 11/16/2007
E8 Bully 11/09/2007
E7 Sick Day 11/02/2007
E6 Ghosts 10/12/2007
E5 Mascot Jimmy uses a Crocco costume to become the school's mascot. 10/05/2007
E4 Sleepover Jimmy tries to sneak into a sleepover. 09/29/2007
E3 Soda Craig starts running bootleg soda into the school. 09/28/2007
E2 Friends 09/21/2007
E1 Talent Show 09/14/2007