Outrageous Food - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 The Seven and a Half Pound Steak 120 ounces of steak challenge; wing sauce made with ghost chiles; five pound panzarotti. 07/15/2011
E12 The 800 Pound Burger A 800 pound burger at the Oklahoma Onion Burger Festival; "State Champ Burger"; Soul Burgers. 07/08/2011
E11 The 1200 Foot Cheese Steak 1200 foot cheese steak in Arizona; super spicy homemade sausage; 11 pound pizza. 07/01/2011
E10 The Taco From Hell Super spicy "taco from hell" at Rockin' Taco in Chicago; eight pound, 11 layer breakfast. 06/24/2011
E9 Nine Pounds of Soup Seven pound bowl of soup in Las Vegas; giant cinnamon roll; 28 inch, eleven pound pizza. 06/17/2011
E8 The Bacon Bomb Home of the seven pound burrito in Ariz.; two foot pie with ghost chiles; bacon bomb in Chicago. 06/10/2011
E7 27 Ton Grill The largest grill in America at 27 tons; fire wings in Oregon. 06/03/2011
E6 Bacon Candy "Killosal" sandwich; gyros with tzatziki and hot sauce; candy made with bacon. 05/13/2011
E5 The Six Pound Burrito LA's White Rabbit food truck serving up six pound burritos; 22 ounce chicken fried steak. 05/06/2011
E4 The Ring of Fire Hot Wings "Ring of Fire" hot sauce in Calif.; pulled pork and sausage on a apple fritter; tempura batter. 04/29/2011
E3 The Five Pound Philly Challenge Two foot Philly cheese steak race in Philadephia; six pounds of salad; five foot ice cream pie. 04/22/2011
E2 The 30- Inch Pizza A pizza that takes 3 people to put in the oven made in an hour; a burger inspired by Thanksgiving. 04/15/2011
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E1 The World's Biggest Burger A Guinness World Record for the largest burger ever made; some of the hottest wings. 04/08/2011
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