Pearl - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Billy Returns Pynchon's brother (Billy Connolly) asks Pearl on a date. 06/25/1997
E21 My So-Called Real World Pynchon allows Frankie to make a documentary film in lieu of a term paper. 06/18/1997
E20 Mommy Dearest Frankie's mother has a fling with Pynchon. 06/11/1997
E19 The Two Mrs. Rizzos Annie's ex-boyfriend finds a lot in common with Pearl; Joey moves out of the house. 06/04/1997
E18 The Write Stuff Pearl romanticizes her late husband, Sal (Ted Danson), in her assignment. 02/19/1997
E17 The Write Stuff Pearl's fiction assignment turns autobiographical; with Alice Cooper. 02/12/1997
E16 Dean Cuisine Pearl is Pynchon's blind date for dinner at Dean Aston Martin's (Danny DeVito) house. 02/05/1997
E15 Mission ImPearlsible Weird Guy Bob (Seth Green) sabotages a group project, and Pearl (Rhea Perlman) must get it back. 01/29/1997
E14 Pearls Before Swine Pearl may have to drop out of school to repay her deceased husband's debt. 01/15/1997
E13 Power Play Pynchon has the classmates grade one another's work. 01/08/1997
E12 Christmas Daze On Christmas Eve a guard dog traps Pearl and Pynchon in the classroom. 12/18/1996
E11 The Tutor Pearl teaches her 9-year-old-genius adviser (Mara Wilson) how to be a kid. 12/11/1996
E10 Lessons in Love Censorship protester Pynchon (Malcolm McDowell) chains himself to the library doors. 11/20/1996
E9 Homecoming Pearl and Pynchon tango at the school dance. 11/13/1996
E8 Homecoming Pearl (Rhea Perlman) uses Pyncheon (Malcolm McDowell) to avoid a handsome Italian. 11/06/1996
E7 Ticket to Ride Pearl thinks Pynchon's request for a ride is a request for a date. 10/30/1996
E6 Pynchon's Pynchon A visit from Pynchon's former professor leaves him speechless. 10/14/1996
E5 The Naked Truth Pearl (Rhea Perlman) sees more of Pynchon (Malcolm McDowell) than she wanted to see. 10/07/1996
E4 Billy Pynchon's tippling brother (Billy Connolly) arrives from Scotland with their father's ashes. 09/30/1996
E3 Your Cheatin' Heart Pearl (Rhea Perlman) admits to cheating and takes a makeup exam. 09/23/1996
E2 Teacher's Pet Pearl (Rhea Perlman) volunteers to be Pyncheon's (Malcolm McDowell) teaching assistant. 09/18/1996
E1 Pilot 09/16/1996