Petticoat Junction - Episode Guide for Season 7

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E26 Betty Jo's Business Betty Jo starts her own day nursery. 04/04/1970
E25 No, No, You Can't Take Her Away A wealthy colleague is coming to see Dr. Craig. 03/28/1970
E24 Love Rears Its Ugly Head Billie Jo preaches a new sensitivity theory. 03/21/1970
E23 Last Train to Pixley The railway firm plans to sell the Cannonball. 03/07/1970
E22 Whiplash, Whiplash Whiplash-victim Selma intends to sue Uncle Joe. 02/28/1970
E21 Spare That Cottage A new highway threatens the Elliott's cottage. 02/14/1970
E20 Susan B. Anthony, I Love You Liberated woman Billie Jo returns from Chicago. 02/07/1970
E19 Steve's Uncle George Steve's crafty Uncle George (Don Ameche) comes to the hotel. 01/31/1970
E18 The Valley's New Owner A old deed says that Orrin owns the valley. 01/24/1970
E17 With This Ring ... Rumor spreads that Orrin will wed Bobbie Jo. 01/17/1970
E16 Selma Plout's Plot Selma's matrimonial plot endangers Steve's job. 01/10/1970
E15 How to Arrange a Marriage Bobbie Jo tries to hurry Billie Jo's marriage. 01/03/1970
E14 But I've Never Been in Erie, Pa. An industrialist (Rudy Vallee) offers Uncle Joe a chance to make a fortune. 12/27/1969
E13 The Golden Spike Ceremony Uncle Joe strikes oil at the Hooterville-Pixley golden spike ceremony. 12/20/1969
E12 Goodbye, Mr. Chimp Uncle Joe tries to get rid of the chimp who is gradually wrecking the Shady Rest. 12/13/1969
E11 Kathy Jo's First Birthday Kathy Jo almost misses her first birthday party when she lands in jail with Uncle Joe. 12/06/1969
E10 The Camping Trip While on a camping trip, Orrin rescues Uncle Joe from a hungry bear. 11/29/1969
E9 A Most Momentous Occasion Joe installs a new bathroom in the hotel to keep Steve and Betty Jo from moving out. 11/22/1969
E8 Sorry Doctor, I Ain't Taking No Shots Dr. Craig must give flu shots to a stubborn hillbilly family. 11/15/1969
E7 The Tenant A glamorous writer moves into the hotel. 11/08/1969
E6 The Glen Tinker Caper A unknown singer (Glenn Ash) tries to smuggle a Vietnamese orphan into Hooterville. 11/01/1969
E5 The Three Queens The three Bradley girls and Dr. Craig vie for a beauty title. 10/25/1969
E4 One of Our Chickens Is Missing Game Warden Pike deals with two tough motorcyclists suspected of poaching. 10/18/1969
E3 The Other Woman Intruders disturb Steve and Betty Jo in their honeymoon cottage. 10/11/1969
E2 The Game Warden Fisherman Joe catches more than the limit. 10/04/1969
E1 Make Room for Baby The Elliotts displace the dog at the hotel. 09/27/1969