Picket Fences - Episode Guide for Season 4

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Liver Let Die Brock is forced to face his own mortality when he learns that he may have liver cancer. 06/26/1996
E21 To Forgive Is Divine An Amish victim of rape refuses to testify, but the family of the next victim sues. 06/19/1996
E20 Forget Selma Wambaugh is convinced Miryam's new beau (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) has ulterior motives. 06/12/1996
E19 Winner Takes All Basketball coach Jill gets an injunction against interfering parents. 06/05/1996
E18 Three Weddings and a Meltdown Carter proposes to Sue, Wambaughs renew their vows, Jill and Jimmy separate. 04/24/1996
E17 Bye-Bye, Bey-Bey Identity of the father of Mayor Bey's baby sends shock waves through Rome. 04/24/1996
E16 Dante's Inferno A shock jock blasts Acting Mayor Max on the air for her sweeping changes. 04/22/1996
E15 Bottled Jill's emotions take control when the Brocks celebrate Zach's 13th birthday. 02/16/1996
E14 The Z Files Zack's buddy sends a teacher's photo over the Internet; Max dates a chat-room acquaintance. 02/09/1996
E13 My Romance Judge Bone reunites with the love of his youth (Teresa Wright). 01/26/1996
E12 Snow Exit Judge Bone has a heart attack; snowed-in at the police station, Mayor Bey goes into labor. 01/19/1996
E11 Bloodlines Matthew's classmate shoots himself; a bear is loose; Kenny is Mayor Bey's Lamaze partner. 01/12/1996
E10 Dem Bones A skeleton is that of a suspected Nazi murdered 50 years before; Wambaugh's son prosecutes. 01/05/1996
E9 Witness for the Prosecution The pope's visit to Rome turns bizarre when he witnesses a murder. 12/15/1995
E8 This Little Piggy A radical activist convinces an infatuated Kimberly to break the law. 12/08/1995
E7 Down the Tubes Pregnant Mayor Bey shields the baby's father; Jill considers tubal ligation. 11/03/1995
E6 Heart of Saturday Night Matthew cruises with pals; romance brings Jimmy pain. 10/27/1995
E5 Dog Eat Dog Max faces suspension for shooting a man dressed as a bratwurst; Jill suspects Kimberly is pregnant. 10/20/1995
E4 Bloodbrothers Escaped convicts show up in Rome looking for Littleton. 10/13/1995
E3 Pal Joey Sparks fly when Dr. Joey tries to buy out Jill's medical practice. 10/06/1995
E2 Reap the Whirlwind A tornado threatens Rome; Max commits a felony covering for Kenny; Wambaugh's wife leaves him. 09/29/1995
E1 A Change of Season Carter survives house fire; Kimberly makes career choice. 09/22/1995