Planet Earth - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E11 Seasonal Forests Flora and fauna thrive in diverse forests. 04/22/2007
E10 Caves Cameras capture the unseen behaviors of bizarre creatures such as the cave angel fish and swiftlets. 04/22/2007
E9 Fresh Water Rivers descend from their mountain sources to the sea. 04/15/2007
E8 Jungles Cameras capture unprecedented views of the animal species that live on the dark jungle floor. 04/15/2007
E7 Shallow Seas A humpback whale and her calf; pygmy seahorses; seals attack king penguins. 04/08/2007
E6 Great Plains The bizarre-looking Tibetan fox; lions hunt elephants. 04/08/2007
E5 Ice Worlds The dynamics of emperor penguin behavior; aerial images of a polar bear swimming. 04/01/2007
E4 Deserts Rarely seen living things inhabit deserts. 04/01/2007
E3 Deep Ocean Cameras scan the ocean's surface and troll its depths, revealing daytime hunters and night feeders. 03/25/2007
E2 Mountains Rare animals inhabit the world's biggest mountain ranges. 03/25/2007
E1 From Pole to Pole A portrait of the planet from north to south. 03/25/2007