Police Women of Memphis - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E12 Every Dog Has Its Day Irate mothers; possible meth lab; stolen car; domestic drama. 08/05/2010
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E11 You Know You're in the Hood A man shot in his behind; a fleeing suspect in possession of drugs; unlicensed drivers. 08/05/2010
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E10 That Mace is No Fun Virginia responds to shots fired; a man has had his license suspended 52 times. 07/29/2010
E9 Please Don't Be Dead A man is stabbed by his girlfriend; a call for a search warrant; a postman is bitten. 07/22/2010
E8 You Got a Good Beat Running suspect; the right track; connecting with a suspected prostitute; resistant teen. 07/15/2010
E7 Get Your Grill On An armed suspect; broken-hearted; a teenage girl goes to school; retrieving gold teeth. 07/08/2010
E6 Rock Your Fuscia Hair A girl's stepfather is arrested; lecture to unruly teens; intoxicated driver; drowning mission team. 07/01/2010
E5 As Long As You Love Me Teens flee from the cops; child support warrant; unwanted professed love; order of protection. 06/24/2010
E4 Pills Poppin' Everywhere A pair of men is suspected of street gambling; a woman and her niece feud over a washing machine. 06/17/2010
E3 Nothin' but Whitey Tightys A neighborhood brawl; a shooting; two suspects are given a creative punishment. 06/10/2010
E2 Whose Hair Is This? Fleeing suspects cause a foot chase; an intoxicated man causes a disturbance; a young man is shot. 06/03/2010
E1 A Southern Belle With a Badge A shot teenager needs help; a crowd is unruly; a wacky neighborly dispute. 05/27/2010