Privileged - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E18 All About a Brand New You! Megan learns that her father is drinking again; Luis refuses to attend Marco's wedding. 02/24/2009
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E17 All About Betrayal Marco discovers that Keith is involved with his longtime friend Jennifer. 02/10/2009
E16 All About Confessions Sage fears that Luis will be upset that she is a virgin. 02/03/2009
E15 All About the Big Picture Will suggests that Megan separate herself from her family's problems. 01/20/2009
E14 All About Tough Love Rose and Sage pick out an expensive gift for Luis. 01/13/2009
E13 All About What Lies Beneath Megan finally confronts her mother; Sage and Rose throw a charity dinner. 01/06/2009
E12 All About the Ripple Effect Megan's mother shows up; Will can't understand Megan's family. 12/08/2008
E11 All About Love, Actually Laurel visits an old flame; Megan grounds Rose as punishment for planning to cheat on her final. 12/01/2008
E10 All About Overcompensating Megan has a good date with Will but can't deal with the fact that he is dating other women. 11/18/2008
E9 All About Insecurities Rose and Sage perform at the opening of a hot nightclub. 11/11/2008
E8 All About Defining Yourself Megan unintentionally discovers a shocking secret from Laurel's past. 11/04/2008
E7 All About the Haves and the Have-Nots Megan decides it's time to reconnect with her estranged father. 10/28/2008
E6 All About Appearances Megan convinces Laurel to use the twins in her marketing campaign. 10/21/2008
E5 All About Friends and Family Laurel makes Megan act as a chaperone for Rose and Sage's pool party. 10/07/2008
E4 All About the Power Position Megan is shocked when she finds an adult DVD in Rose's bookbag. 09/30/2008
E3 All About What You Really, Really Want Megan accepts a date with Jacob without noticing that Charlie is jealous. 09/23/2008
E2 All About Honesty Megan is thrilled when Laurel invites her to a glamorous Palm Beach social event. 09/16/2008
E1 Pilot Megan takes a job as a live-in tutor for two beautiful and rebellious teens. 09/09/2008