Punched Up - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Candice and the Pillow Fight League Intern Candice Allen joins the Pillow Fight League. 03/21/2007
E12 Argos Toronto Argonaut running back John Avery takes a crack at a comedy career. 03/02/2007
E11 Shaun Bruce For Mayor The Punched Up team aids Humber College student Shaun Bruce's run for Toronto mayor. 02/21/2007
E10 Kevin and Howard 02/14/2007
E9 Steam Whistle 01/27/2007
E8 Rock School 01/24/2007
E7 Matt Chin's Talk Show 01/17/2007
E6 Hot Box Cafe The Punched Up team tires to turn around a Toronto restaurant. 01/10/2007
E5 `Naked News' Lisa Benton A team of comedians will be at your beck and call. 12/27/2006
E4 Wild Man Weekend Ben McLean gets in touch with his inner man strength. 12/23/2006
E3 Frat Boys Vegan telemarketer Ben McLean gets help to find his inner male strength. 12/20/2006
E2 Charlie the Wrestler A team of comedians will be at your beck and call. 12/13/2006
E1 Party Boys Justin Holmes and his friend receive help from the Punched Up team. 12/09/2006