Push, Nevada - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E7 Jim's Domain Jim returns to Carson City but wonders if the mystery of Push, Nev., has been solved. 10/24/2002
E6 S.O.S. Jim takes desperate measures to warn the outside world about Push. 10/17/2002
E5 The Letter of the Law Jim learns the truth about Deputy Dawn. 10/10/2002
E4 Storybook Hero The sheriff blocks Jim's investigation by arresting him on a trumped-up murder charge. 10/03/2002
E3 The Color Of ... Jim gets a tattoo and the name of a killer; disparate mourners attend a funeral. 09/26/2002
E2 The Black Box Jim searches for clues to identify a killer, but the town sheriff and his deputy hinder his efforts. 09/19/2002
E1 The Amount An IRS agent searching for missing money stumbles into a town full of mysteries. 09/17/2002