Rabbit Fall - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E8 Bloodletting Tara discovers she has many powerful enemies when evidence of Bob's plot against her is destroyed. 12/16/2008
E7 Bloodletting A domestic violence dispute leads Tara and Bob to the home of suspect Clinton Morrison. 12/09/2008
E6 Emancipation Tara's obsession with Blackhorse to cloud her judgement. 12/02/2008
E5 Pestilence Tara digs up the consecrated grave, unleashing a super bug that spreads throughout Rabbit Fall. 11/25/2008
E4 Berry Fast Tara and Zoe discover a body in a sacred site with dangerous supernatural powers. 11/18/2008
E3 Hit And Run Harley leaves in the middle of the night and gets into a car accident. 11/11/2008
E2 Happiness Hotel A delusional hotel guest takes Tara hostage, during a bizarre argument with his dead wife. 11/04/2008
E1 Crow Dance Medicine man Simon Blackhorse vanishes from the custody of Sergeant Martinsky. 10/28/2008