Really Big Things - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E14 Tsunami Tester Las Vegas water show; tsunami testing center. 02/08/2008
E13 Giant Roller Coaster Riding a roller coaster; mysteries of the universe; world's largest water park. 02/01/2008
E12 Walking With Dinosaurs Hitching a ride with a dinosaur; amphibious attack ship; recycling steel. 01/25/2008
E11 Dry Docks A 30,000-ton ship moves into a dry dock for routine maintenance. 01/11/2008
E10 Giant Hot Air Balloon Robotic parking garage; large oil platform; world's tallest hot-air balloon. 12/28/2007
E9 Locomotive/ DregDredge Jadwiner The creation of the evolution of locomotive.Dredge Jadwin, a mega vacuum that rivals all others. 12/18/2007
E8 Giant Concert Stage Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., prepares to hold a concert by music group Genesis. 10/24/2007
E7 Skyscraper Crane Matt Rogers creates green energy out of steam, prints the most popular newspaper in America. 10/10/2007
E6 Cruise Ship Builders Artificial island paradise; sorting letters; cruise ship. 08/29/2007
E5 Man-Made Islands A solar field in New Mexico; a water bridge that levitates ships when the river is too low. 08/22/2007
E4 Ski Dubai The world's tallest building; the world's largest indoor ski-resort. 08/15/2007
E3 Whale Shark Rescue Two whale sharks are transported to an aquarium; managing Las Vegas' laundry. 08/08/2007
E2 Bellagio Fountains The fountains of Bellagio Las Vegas hotel and casino; molten glass; mulch. 07/25/2007
E1 Cirque du Soleil Big Top Cirque du Soleil; U.S. National Whitewater Center; Navy. 07/18/2007