Rock Center With Brian Williams - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E36 Investigation into wages at Goodwill; Brooklyn's Hasidic Jew population; designer Stella McCartney. 06/21/2013
E35 Robotic surgery; Taylor Wilson; Aesha Mohammadzi; Cesar Millan. 06/14/2013
E34 The mysterious hero in Kansas City; the process of getting medical treatments on the market. 06/07/2013
E33 Boston Marathon bombing survivors; Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles; artisanal products. 05/31/2013
E32 The tornado in Oklahoma; families that become worse off by earning more; women's power networks. 05/24/2013
E31 Domestic violence deaths in Dallas; comic Zach Galifianakis; Boston bombing victim Marc Fucarile. 05/17/2013
E30 Cleveland kidnapping case; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R); author Jimmy Connors. 05/10/2013
E29 Stephanie Holten; Celeste and Sydney Corcoran; people in Ecuador determined to save the rainforest. 05/03/2013
E28 Celeste and Sydney Corcoran discuss their injuries from the Boston Marathon bombing. 04/26/2013
E27 The Boston bombing; author Jackie Hance; news from the week. 04/19/2013
E26 Business executive Laurene Powell Jobs; author Gabrielle Reece; founder Ben Rattray. 04/12/2013
E25 A rock critic's prank about a non-existent band; two former Narconon executives; adults with ADHD. 04/05/2013
E24 Federal tax fraud; Micky Arison; Cate Edwards discusses the Elizabeth Edwards Foundation. 03/29/2013
E23 Lindsey Van; fund for survivors of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing; Judy Blume; The Onion. 03/01/2013
E22 Successful brothers Ari, Rahm and Zeke Emanuel; juveniles in adult prisons and jails. 03/22/2013
E21 Former Lehman Brothers CFO Erin Callan; SXSW; Charlie Beljan talks about panic attacks. 03/15/2013
E20 Camden, N.J.; the revelation of Vatican secrets; Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank; hot topics. 03/08/2013
E19 Chinese computer hackers; interviews about Oscar Pistorius; contaminated water at Camp Lejeune. 02/22/2013
E18 Passengers from the disabled Carnival cruise ship Triumph discuss their experience. 02/15/2013
E17 Captain Tad Wrona; author Chrisanna Northrup and her husband, Mark Northrup. 02/08/2013
E16 Quvenzhane Wallis and Dwight Henry; Dr. Eric Topol; Ron Popeil; Gen. Martin Dempsey. 01/24/2013
E15 Paul Haggis; Bob Costas talks about the Lance Armstrong interview; Kennedy Odede and Jessica Posner. 01/17/2013
E14 Two families discuss how they were affected by drivers who were texting; actor Josh Gad; sitting. 01/10/2013
E13 No information found. 01/03/2013
E11 Richard Engel; The Daniel Plan; James Patterson; marriage proposals at Rockefeller Center. 12/20/2012
E10 Colorado theater shooting survivor; Hamdi Ulukaya; Mary Pope Osborne; U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. 12/13/2012
E9 Apple CEO Tim Cook; director Peter Jackson; end of life medical system. 12/06/2012
E8 Educated and employed families with no place to live; Husain and Hamza Abdullah; holiday shopping. 11/29/2012
E7 The scandal surrounding Gen. David Petraeus; searching Yemen for Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri. 11/15/2012
E6 Victims of Hurricane Sandy; author Andrew Solomon; Internet addiction; manufacturing in the U.S. 11/08/2012
E5 The destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. 11/01/2012
E4 On the campaign trail with President Barack Obama; a burn victim helped by a virtual reality game. 10/25/2012
E3 Designer Tory Burch; orangutans face habitat loss; a college student's fall from grace. 10/18/2012
E2 Mark Zuckerberg; Sgt. Louis Loftus; undecided voters; gluten-free diets. 10/04/2012
E1 Sexual assault in the military; a new approach to education puts the focus on character. 09/27/2012