Rock Me Baby - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Singing for Your Supper Beth becomes Pam's manager in order to help her become a singer. 05/25/2004
E21 Go Otis! It's Your Birthday! Beth and Jimmy ruin Otis' birthday party by obsessively trying to make it perfect. 05/25/2004
E20 Two's Company, Four's a Crowd Desperate for time alone, Jimmy and Beth stage a fake fight, hoping Carl and Pam get the hint. 05/18/2004
E19 Kiss and Don't Tell Jimmy's brother Mark visits and gets into a fight with Beth. 05/18/2004
E18 Love at First Flight While going on vacation with Carl and Pam, Jimmy and Beth reminisce about the first time they met. 05/04/2004
E17 I Love You, You Don't Love Me Beth and Jimmy are determined to convince a prestigious preschool to admit Otis. 04/27/2004
E16 Who's Your Da-Da? Jimmy realizes how much his family means to him when he misses hearing Otis' first words. 04/20/2004
E15 Ca-Pam Carl and Pam hang out with another couple instead of Jimmy and Beth. 04/13/2004
E14 Not So Grand Parents Beth's parents do not want to spend time with their grandson Otis. 04/06/2004
E13 Pretty Baby When Otis poses as a girl baby, Jimmy finds the sight of his son in a dress disturbing. 03/30/2004
E12 Look Who's Talking Jimmy and Beth agree to host a local TV morning show. 03/30/2004
E11 Trading Spaces Jimmy is sent to sleep in the office after his snoring continues to wake Otis. 12/09/2003
E10 Prior Engagement Beth learns that Jimmy had proposed to his ex-girlfriend years ago. 11/25/2003
E9 The Difference Between Men and Women Jimmy fantasizes about Jessica Alba after an interview with the sexy actress. 11/18/2003
E8 Girl Power Pam persuades Beth to take a striptease class after hearing about it on Jimmy's radio show. 11/11/2003
E7 A Pain in the Aspen Jimmy and Carl renew old rivalries when they attend a DJ convention in Aspen. 11/04/2003
E6 Pretty in Pink Eye Otis comes down with pinkeye and gives it to everyone at Jimmy and Beth's dinner party. 10/21/2003
E5 Ring of Fire Listeners imitate one of Jimmy's on-air stunts; the Violent Femmes perform. 10/14/2003
E4 Shift Shaft Jimmy and Carl get moved to the graveyard shift after making comments about management. 10/07/2003
E3 Would I Lie to You? Jimmy smokes a joint during poker night and gets in trouble with Beth for not telling her about it. 09/30/2003
E2 Coupling Beth invites one of the daddies from baby yoga class over for brunch. 09/23/2003
E1 Pilot A provocative disc jockey gets a jolt when his son is born. 09/16/2003