Rocker Moms - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 What Now? HRT get an amazing turnout at their gig; the women return home to their kids, who miss them. 07/16/2007
E12 SXSW Marketing dynamos; crashing a party at South by Southwest to promote hormone replacement therapy. 07/09/2007
E11 Austin, Texas Dress rehearsal allows the kids to see their mothers for the first time. 07/02/2007
E10 The Today Show The women buckle down and spend more time with the family. 06/25/2007
E9 Recording Studio HRT hires two young, up-and-coming Boston designers to update their look. 06/18/2007
E8 The Makeover Tammy, Lisa and Emily's children think the pictures make their mothers look angry. 06/11/2007
E7 TT the Bears Scott shows up just before the gig; the gig goes off better than imagined. 06/04/2007
E6 Getting Ready Allen brags about how hot his sex life is since Tammy started playing the drums. 05/28/2007
E5 Photo Shoot The rock star in each of the women comes out during the glitzy photo shoot and makeup session. 05/21/2007
E4 The Challenge Scott dangles the possibility of joining him at SXSW if they can sell out their next gig in Boston. 05/14/2007
E3 LA Producer HRT is still riding high from the New York gig, and the attention they're getting. 05/07/2007
E2 Back Home The ladies work to put out a single, get on a festival circuit, and finding an aggressive manager. 04/30/2007
E1 N.Y.C The ladies head to New York to play a gig, and tell how rock and roll has reinvigorated their lives. 03/03/2007