Saved - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Crossroads 09/04/2006
E12 Tango Paramedics Cole and Hallon prepare to testify in lawsuit that could end their careers. 08/28/2006
E11 Code Zero Two brothers carjack Wyatt and John's rig; Angela has temporary duty as a dispatcher. 08/21/2006
E10 A Shock to the System Wyatt and John face proceedings in a patient's death. 08/14/2006
E9 Triage All four paramedics go to the scene of an explosion at a medical clinic. 08/07/2006
E8 Secrets & Lies Alice's mother comes for a surprise visit. 07/31/2006
E7 Who Do You Trust? Wyatt tries to save a woman needing a liver transplant. 07/24/2006
E6 Cowboys & Independents A new medic supervisor tries to whip Lifeshield into shape. 07/17/2006
E5 Family Wyatt's brother ropes him into helping plan their father's 60th birthday party. 07/10/2006
E4 Fog A treacherous fog descends on Portland; Wyatt tries to teach John how to play poker. 07/03/2006
E3 Living Dead Wyatt and Sack respond to a bizarre call; police mistake Harper for a man who is posing as an EMT. 06/26/2006
E2 The Lady & the Tiger Wyatt helps an old schoolmate; Sack tries to connect with his son. 06/19/2006
E1 Pilot Wyatt Cole finds comfort in the fast-paced world of a paramedic. 06/12/2006