SciGirls - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E10 Super Sleuths Emi and friends team up with forensic scientists to solve the theft of a ceremonial mask. 12/13/2012
E9 Pedal Power The girls engineer an ice cream-maker powered by their bikes. 12/06/2012
E8 Bee Haven Math, mapping and data visualization benefit a colony of bees in Phoenix. 11/29/2012
E7 Workin' It Out Jekima and friends hike, play soccer, dance and do yoga to find out which exercise suits them best. 11/22/2012
E6 Insulation Station Passive solar heat and bubble wrap insulation warm up an ice shanty. 11/15/2012
E5 Multitasking Mania Teens juggle computers, smartphones, music, homework and television at the same time. 11/08/2012
E4 The Awesome App Race A smartphone app highlights the history of the 1989 San Francisco Earthquake. 11/01/2012
E3 Habitat Havoc Comparing the non-native Canary Island palm to native trees. 10/25/2012
E2 Mother Nature's Shoes Nature's designs inspire the girls to create a safer shoe for walking on icy winter streets. 10/18/2012
E1 Aquabots Underwater robotics at the U.S. Naval Academy; a SeaPerch ROV investigates artificial oyster reefs. 10/11/2012