Simon & Simon - Episode Guide for Season 8

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Simon Says Goodbye As they mull over past relationships, the Simons search for a past love of Abby's. 03/02/1989
E12 Photo Finished Trailing a political candidate's wife, the brothers witness what looks like her murder. 03/01/1989
E11 First, Let's Kill All the Lawyers A lawyer (Kevin McCarthy) courts the Simons' mother while trying to discredit the brothers. 12/31/1988
E10 Play It Again, Simon Rick and A.J. search for a writer's missing manuscript in a 1940s-style film-noir detective story. 12/17/1988
E9 The Richer They Are the Harder They Fall A.J.'s best friend dies of a heart attack at his first anniversary party. 12/10/1988
E8 Cloak of Danger A.J.'s play, based on an unsolved murder, becomes all too real when the actors begin dropping dead. 12/03/1988
E7 Simon & Simon Jr. Rick discovers he has a teenage son who is in peril after witnessing a murder. 11/19/1988
E6 Love Song of Abigail Marsh Abby falls for the Simons' client (Marc Singer), only to learn he spent time in prison. 11/12/1988
E5 Ain't Gonna Get It From Me, Jack Rick and A.J. protect an abusive talk-show host (Jerry Orbach). 11/05/1988
E4 The Merry Adventures of Robert Hood A fired bank employee gets hold of A.J.'s gold card and charges him into debt. 10/29/1988
E3 Zen and the Art of the Split-Finger Fastball Rick and A.J. protect a Japanese industrialist attending a baseball-fantasy camp. 10/22/1988
E2 Simon & Simon and Associates Publicity transforms the Simons' small operation into a booming business. 10/15/1988
E1 Beauty and Deceased A.J. goes undercover as a male model to expose blackmail. 10/08/1988