Smart Cookies - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 House Rules Keeping house costs down with mortgage renewals and home appliances; 30-day money back guarantees. 03/30/2009
E12 Debt Regret Debt consolidation and credit counciling; cell phone, cable, internet and home phone bills. 03/23/2009
E11 Focus on Family Talking to teens about money; the evolution of coupon clipping. 03/16/2009
E10 Proper Pay Out Getting the best return on investments; tipping. 03/09/2009
E9 Rate Your Return Money personalities; what to do when something bought online never shows up. 03/02/2009
E8 Prepare for Savings Planning ahead to save money -- from creating a savings plan to preventive car care. 02/23/2009
E7 Merchandise Matters Finding the best rewards credit card; getting defective merchandise replaced or fixed for free. 02/16/2009
E6 Designed to Save Tax free saving accounts; financial goals; tips and solutions from an interior designer. 02/09/2009
E5 Planning for Pennies Additional fees on special event tickets; financial planner; pet costs. 02/02/2009
E4 Baby Steps How to save on baby essentials; vacation property. 01/26/2009
E3 What's For Dinner? A meal assembly service, an easy way to serve delicious meals, is tested. 01/19/2009
E2 Shape Up Affordable options for fitness training and cutting gym costs. 01/12/2009
E1 Finding Love and Savings Options of online dating, speed dating and personal matchmakers. 01/05/2009