Special Unit 2 - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 The Wish A genielike link seeks to enslave Chicago by granting wishes to four masters. 02/13/2002
E12 The Piper A crime spree involving children leads to a link with mind control powers. 02/06/2002
E11 The Love A love potion causes an old school judge to start setting criminals free. 01/30/2002
E10 The Straw A Link called the Scarecrow spreads fear throughout Chicago. 12/19/2001
E9 The Wall Links overrun Kate's high school reunion and attempt to kill her classmates. 11/28/2001
E8 The Beast The team's convinced that Jack the Ripper has moved to the Windy City. 11/21/2001
E7 The Drag The theft of an ancient necklace unleashes a dragon that terrorizes Chicago. 11/14/2001
E6 The Rocks Nick is in danger of turning to stone after skirmishing with Medusa. 11/07/2001
E5 The Eve Nick discovers that a powerful link which emerges on Halloween killed his former partner. 10/31/2001
E4 The Invisible A young boy helps Nick and Kate catch the murderous Boogeyman. 10/24/2001
E3 The Years A 1000-year-old witch survives by sucking the youth out of her victims. 10/17/2001
E2 The Skin Nick and Kate seek assistance from the original Chameleon when a new terror threatens Chicago. 10/10/2001
E1 The Grain The Sandman invades Kate's mind and frees her repressed urges. 10/03/2001