Splatalot - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E26 Call Matt the Handyman... Maybe! One Attacker's hero is the United States President, Barack Obama; an Attacker scares Skabb. 08/29/2013
E25 Laundry Day! 08/28/2013
E24 Parents & Kids Splatdown: Close Encounters Teams of parents and kids go up against the Dastardly Defenders. 08/27/2013
E23 Jay and the Madman Ten new Attackers rush the castle. 08/22/2013
E22 Bucket List: Check! Ten new Attackers try to capture the Crown of Splatalot. 08/21/2013
E21 Best Friends Splatdown Five teams of best friends attack the castle. 08/20/2013
E20 Three Cheers for Everything Skabb, Thorne and Faetal taunt an Attacker; Matt struggles with the intros. 08/15/2013
E19 Splat-a-Lot! Dance-a-Lot! Dance-loving attackers try to cross the moat and get the crown. 08/14/2013
E18 Car Trouble! To speed up the show and save his car, Matt double parks it. 08/13/2013
E17 Awesome Sandwich Club! A new group of Attackers visits the Kingdom and try to be its new rulers. 08/07/2013
E16 Dude, Where's My Crown?!! The Crown of Splatalot goes missing; Jason tries to solve the mystery. 08/06/2013
E15 Twins vs. Twins 08/01/2013
E14 When Hairy Met Matty! A new group of Attackers rush the castle; Senor Skabb gives a Spanish lesson. 08/01/2013
E13 Spartak the Situation Sarthak starts out as an attacker; Tinkor's love connection goes well. 06/17/2013
E12 Nation vs. Nation Splatdown! Ten patriotic teens represent their homelands and battle to capture the crown of Splatalot. 03/02/2013
E11 Of Mice & Splatmen! Jason and Matt imagine themselves as super heroes, but can't agree on who the sidekick is. 02/23/2013
E10 Splatalot Days & Splatalot Nights! Matt attempts to build his own computer; an Attacker who also models. 02/16/2013
E9 The Magic of Television A new group of Attackers try to capture the crown. 02/09/2013
E8 Two Drawbridges Up! Matt and Jason receive praise from magazines; rhyming. 02/02/2013
E7 We Are Not Alone The Defenders play a game with an Attacker who is a fan of Michael Jackson. 01/26/2013
E6 You Bet Your Trousers! Matt and Jason trade bets on the race. 01/19/2013
E5 Parents & Kids Splatdown Parents and children compete for the crown; Jason and Matt are joined by their fathers. 01/13/2013
E4 Sleepy Matty Matt falls asleep and leaves Jason to host all by himself. 01/05/2013
E3 Classic Nana Defenders meet Castle Splatalot's new owner; Jay avoids his least-biggest fan. 11/24/2012
E2 Girls vs. Boys Splatdown Girls square off against the boys for the crown. 11/17/2012
E1 You Simmer Down A verbal match between Thorne and an attacker creates tension. 11/10/2012