St. Elsewhere - Episode Guide for Season 6

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 The Last One Auschlander fights to prevent the closing; Fiscus has trouble leaving. 05/25/1988
E21 The Abby Singer Show A fire ruins the annual Doctor of the Year awards dinner; Fiscus has disturbing news for his mother. 05/18/1988
E20 Split Decision Craig arranges multiple organ transplants from a single donor. 05/11/1988
E19 Requiem for a Heavyweight Axelrod has a heart attack; a drug-dependent Rosenthal confronts old demons. 05/04/1988
E18 The Naked Civil Surgeon Doctors must do surgery nude; Morrison and Novino. 04/27/1988
E17 Their Town Westphall provides third-person commentary in the style of "Our Town.". 04/20/1988
E16 Down and Out on Beacon Hill Gideon kicks Craig out of the hospital; Rosenthal is forced to face her drug problem. 02/17/1988
E15 Fairytale Theater Catatonic friend; Craig sued; gunman shoots at Gideon. 02/10/1988
E14 Curtains Morrison must tell a patient that she has Huntington's disease. 02/03/1988
E13 Heaven's Skate Kiem tries to save a gang member; Rosenthal learns Bobby has died of AIDS. 01/13/1988
E12 Final Cut Auschlander tries to save a cancer patient's life with a controversial treatment program. 01/06/1988
E11 A Coupla White Dummies Sitting Around Talking The heart-transplant patient curses Craig; an AIDS patient leaves his lover. 12/16/1987
E10 No Chemo, Sabe? Reporters meet the artificial-heart recipient; Fiscus comforts his father. 12/09/1987
E9 Weigh In, Way Out Craig tries to recapture his youth while Fiscus deals with turning 30. 12/02/1987
E8 Heart On Morrison's wife leaves him; an AIDS patient is a victim of gay bashing. 11/18/1987
E7 Handoff Craig interviews potential recipients of an artificial heart. 11/11/1987
E6 The He-Man Woman-Haters Club Ellen to run the food service; chief resident named. 11/04/1987
E5 Night of the Living Bed Craig performs an artificial-heart transplant on a cuddly sheep. 10/28/1987
E4 Ewe Can't Go Home Again The orderlies plan to strike; Craig fails to reconcile with his wife. 10/21/1987
E3 A Moon for the Misbegotten Westphall wants an AIDS clinic; Fiscus' mother visits. 09/30/1987
E2 The Idiot and the Odyssey New hospital head second-guesses fuming Westphall. 09/23/1987
E1 Resurrection The hospital is spared from demolition; Craig realizes the seriousness of his wife's divorce plans. 09/16/1987