Street Justice - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Desperate Grady's old flame, a bounty hunter, involves him in an abortive scheme. 05/17/1993
E21 My Brother's Keeper Beaudreaux is haunted by the death of his younger brother Curtis, for which he feel responsible. 05/10/1993
E20 The Wall In a fight, Beaudreaux is jabbed with a junkie's needle. 05/03/1993
E19 Hello ... Again An ex-cop vows revenge on the Internal Affairs officer who put him behind bars. 04/26/1993
E18 Countdown Demanding his son's release, a killer holds the precinct hostage. 02/22/1993
E17 Cost of Peace Despite his peacemaking attempts, Miguel is suspected of killing a rival gang leader. 02/15/1993
E16 On My Honor A killer's brother kidnaps Malloy to ensure Beaudreaux's silence. 02/08/1993
E15 Honor and Trust Grady is arrested for a 10-year-old murder he faked to collect a bounty. 02/01/1993
E14 Obsession Malloy becomes the victim of an obsessed admirer with the law on his side. 01/25/1993
E13 A Sense of Duty A boy is the sole witness to a drug-related murder. 01/18/1993
E12 Bitter Fruit A Vietnam medic needs Beaudreaux's help to prove a company knew its chemical spray was deadly. 01/11/1993
E11 Black or Blue Beaudreax's loyalties are tested when a friend is accused of murder because of his color. 01/04/1993
E10 Remember Me Beaten and delirious, Beaudreaux's foster father claims he witnessed a murder. 12/28/1992
E9 Angel of Death A journalist (Pat Harrington) accompanies Beaudreaux on a search for a serial killer. 11/16/1992
E8 Innocent Blood A badly planned mission to capture a terrorist results in disaster. 11/09/1992
E7 Back From the Dead ... Again Grady learns the man (Lindsey Ginter) who sacrificed his parents isn't dead after all. 11/02/1992
E6 Country Justice Malloy's high-school sweetheart returns, suspected of his wife's murder. 10/26/1992
E5 Each One, Teach One A new detective assigned to Beaudreaux appears to have a vendetta against prostitutes. 10/19/1992
E4 Feet of Clay A drug dealer's plea bargain accuses Beaudreaux of corruption. 10/12/1992
E3 Cross Fire Beaudreaux's probe into a death points to an innocent youth being framed. 10/05/1992
E2 Circle of Death Beaudreaux searches for a serial killer as Grady confronts an old nemesis. 09/28/1992
E1 Death Warmed Over Grady and Miguel go after gang member who critically wounded Beaudreaux. 09/21/1992