Stuck - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E26 The Journey So Far A celebratory dinner to reflect on how the woman have changed; moving forward happier and healthier. 07/14/2009
E25 Fire Fighting School The closeness of the group shows on a fire-fighting course; significant milestones. 07/13/2009
E23 Mixed Martial Arts The women return to past activities and try some new things. 07/09/2009
E4 Sexy Body A belly dance class reveals insecurities; Farrah and Kim get matching tattoos. 03/25/2009
E3 Bringing It All Home Many of the women feel they are still on their own. 03/18/2009
E2 Food The women get tips from the pro's on how to eat healthy; the reality of getting in shape. 03/11/2009
E1 Getting Started New women meet for a kick-off dinner-reach their goals. 03/04/2009