Survivor: Panama -- Exile Island

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The contestants are divided into four tribes of four in the first episode: older men, older women, younger men and younger women. Then there's the big wrinkle that gives this season its name: during each episode, at least one player is banished to ``Exile Island,'' a mini-Elba miles away from the team camps. In addition to being removed from the group dynamics of the game, exiles have to fend for themselves while on the island. There is, however, a hidden immunity idol that they can use at a future tribal council.
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Language: English Release Date: 02 February 2006 Genres: Reality, Action, Adventure

"Sitting in My Spy Shack" Season 28 : Episode 9 Wed, April 23 2014 at 8:00PM EDT
"Bag of Tricks" Season 28 : Episode 8 Aired Wed, April 16 2014
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