Tactical to Practical - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E28 Surviving Extreme Speed; Virtual Reality; Battle Labs; R&D Labs G-force; virtual reality; field-test evaluations of technology. 12/13/2004
E27 Ultimate Teamwork; Portable Power; Ice Tech Team-building; batteries; military training to operate in extremely cold conditions. 12/06/2004
E26 Deep Underground; High Tech Fabrics; Aerodynamics Tactical action underfoot; nanotechnology; making aircraft faster and safer. 11/30/2004
E25 Extreme Survival; Search for ET; Tomorrow's Robots Extreme Search and Rescue; The Search for Intelligent Life; robots enter hostile environments. 11/22/2004
E24 Battle Planning, Disaster Planning; Information, Misinformation; War Blades, Sports Blades Military training for battle readiness; deceiving the enemy. 11/15/2004
E23 Experimental Aircraft; Sound Tech; Shore Security Developing and testing aircraft; infrasound technology; keeping ports secure and safe. 11/08/2004
E22 Hunter's Top Ten 11/08/2004
E21 Fire Tech; Bridges; Special Duty Choppers Military surplus aircraft fight wildfires; aircraft fire; military bridges; Marine Corps Nighthawks. 10/25/2004
E20 Jungle Survival; Concept Cars; Bodyguards Island and jungle warfare; survival training; taming volcanic eruptions; concept vehicles. 10/18/2004
E19 Logistics; Jet Engines; Big Movers The Air Force Thunderbirds; logistics; jet engines; machines used by the military to move big items. 10/12/2004
E18 Precision Parachutes; DC 3; Counter-Terrorist Training The Golden Knights; military airdrops; delivery technology; DC 3 aircraft; tradecraft. 10/04/2004
E17 Airdrops; Battlefield Communications; Spies II Airdrops; battlefront communications; locating a car bomb. 09/28/2004
E16 Divers; Med Tech; Attack Cats, Sport Cats Navy Rescue and Salvage; prosthetic technology; the catamaran. 09/27/2004
E15 Spy Planes, Aerial Reconnaissance; Trains; Navigation Aerial reconnaissance; Transcontinental Railroad; maps, compasses and GPS systems. 09/21/2004
E14 Pilots; Portable Communications; Tracking Modern technology for training pilots; information becomes a weapon. 08/30/2004
E13 Adventure Boat; Bomb Shelters; Combat Camera High-speed watercraft; disaster shelters; photojournalists. Host: Hunter Ellis. 08/03/2004
E12 Sailing; Snow Vehicles; Weather II Sailboat designs; traveling across snow; dealing with and modifying weather. 07/27/2004
E11 The Cavalry; ROVs; Biological and Chemical Defense U.S. Cavalry; remotely operated vehicles; biological and chemical attack. 07/20/2004
E10 Urban Warfare; Autonomous Vehicles; High Altitude Rescue Training and tools for urban warfare; cars and tanks that calculate, and drive themselves. 07/06/2004
E9 A Physical Conditioning Special Ranger training; ultimate gyms; elite training centers. Host: Hunter Ellis. 06/29/2004
E8 Crash Survival; ROVs; Video Surveillance Automatic collision-avoidance systems; remotely operated vehicles; military surveillance. 06/22/2004
E7 Extreme Search and Rescue; Secret Codes; High Mobility Medicine Rescue operations; secret codes; portable military surgical units. 06/08/2004
E6 Deep Sea Exploration; Blimps and Dirigibles; Snow Gear Submarine rescue; treasure search; dirigibles; military snow-gear; snow toys. 05/25/2004
E5 Balloons; Army Engineers; Command Centers Hot-air balloons used for espionage and bombing; Army Corps of Engineers; military command centers. 05/18/2004
E4 Hybrid Vehicles; Camouflage; Scanning Technology High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles; military camouflage; scanning. 05/11/2004
E3 Special Duty Trucks; Ballistic Missile Defense; Weather Military and civilian trucks; ballistic missile defense; weather forecasting's military origins. 05/04/2004
E2 Winter Warfare; Optics; Gliders Winter warfare. 04/27/2004
E1 Super Ships; Armored Cars; Simulators Aircraft carriers; supertankers; container vessels; armored vehicles; flight-simulation technology. 04/20/2004