Taking the Stage - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E14 No information found. 04/15/2010
E13 No information found. 04/08/2010
E12 Tyler competes against Carlton and Emily and considers an opportunity. 04/15/2010
E11 No information found. 04/08/2010
E10 Tyler flees to Atlanta to film a movie, leaving Emily hanging. 04/01/2010
E9 Tyler learns the outcome; Ian plans to perform a revenge rap for Adam at his Halloween party. 03/25/2010
E8 Tyler's relationship with Emily is strained when he leaves town; Adam hatches a plan. 03/18/2010
E7 Tyler hopes to impress Columbus Short and receives a life-changing phone call. 03/11/2010
E6 Tyler decides to expand his repertoire and land the lead role in "Fame"; Carlton pursues Anna. 03/04/2010
E5 Tyler gets bad news about his ankle; Emily practices with Garret. 02/25/2010
E4 Carlton asks Anna to help him prepare for a performance; Ian sets his sights on Emily. 02/18/2010
E3 After dedicating a song to Holly Angel, Adam discovers a secret. 02/11/2010
E2 Adam and Emily's relationship hits a roadblock; Tyler and Emily express interest in each other. 02/04/2010
E1 A group of talented students arrive at the school with dreams of the spotlight. 01/23/2010