Tastiest Places to Chowdown - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E11 Italiano U.S. places to go for Italian food. 04/29/2010
E10 Sweet Tooth Decadent places to satisfy sugar cravings across the United States. 04/28/2010
E9 Southern Comfort Southern comfort food. 04/27/2010
E8 Big Breakfasts Places to go for big breakfasts across the United States. 04/26/2010
E7 Presidential Edition A tour of President Barack Obama's favorite places to eat in Chicago and Washington, D.C. 04/20/2010
E6 Messiest Meals Places for delicious, juicy and sloppy meals. 03/23/2010
E5 Massive Meals The top 10 places for big meals from sushi to a 5-pound burrito. 03/16/2010
E4 Barbecue Searching for the best in barbecue; the barbecue capital of Texas; veteran pit masters in St. Louis. 03/11/2010
E3 Between the Buns America's best places to eat things stuffed between two slices of bread. 03/11/2010
E2 Steak The best places to have steak across the United States. 02/16/2010
E1 Burgers Visiting some of the best burger joints in the United States. 02/09/2010