Taxi - Episode Guide for Season 5

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E24 Simka's Monthlies Latka fears Simka's erratic behavior could get her deported. 06/15/1983
E23 A Grand Gesture Jim gives each of the cabbies $1,000 to give to someone in need. 05/25/1983
E22 Jim's Mario's Jim uses his inheritance to buy a run-down restaurant. 05/18/1983
E21 Tony's Baby Tony learns he may be a father on the eve of a big fight. 04/20/1983
E20 Arnie Meets the Kids Elaine's boyfriend, Arnie, takes some extraordinary steps to win her children's affections. 04/13/1983
E19 Louie and the Blind Girl Surgery may restore the sight of Louie's blind girlfriend. 04/06/1983
E18 Alex Gets Burned by an Old Flame Alex falls for Reverend Jim's former girlfriend. 03/30/1983
E17 Retrospective The hilarious escapades of the Sunshine Cab Co. are relived in scenes from classic episodes. 03/23/1983
E16 Retrospective The funniest and warmest moments from episodes are relived in a tribute hosted by Danny DeVito. 03/23/1983
E15 Sugar Ray Nardo Elaine's son (David Mendenhall) gives up the oboe to study boxing with Tony. 02/05/1983
E14 Alex's Old Buddy Alex learns his elderly dog hasn't long to live. 01/29/1983
E13 Louie Moves Uptown Louie moves into a classy apartment building. 01/22/1983
E12 Get Me Through the Holidays Alex's former wife asks him to help cure her holiday blues. 12/16/1982
E11 Zena's Honeymoon Louie learns Zena is getting married. 12/02/1982
E10 Elaine and the Monk Simka's cousin, a monk on leave, falls for Elaine. 12/02/1982
E9 Travels With My Dad Tony faces a difficult decision when his father asks him to join him as a merchant seaman. 11/25/1982
E8 Louie's Revenge Louie starts dating wacky Emily after she breaks up with her boyfriend. 11/18/1982
E7 Alex the Gofer Alex works part time as a Broadway producer's assistant. 11/11/1982
E6 Crime and Punishment Jeff is fired after he confesses to stealing from the garage in order to protect the real villain. 11/04/1982
E5 Scenskees From a Marriage The selection of Simka's lover relies on fate. 10/28/1982
E4 Scenskees From a Marriage Simka must have an affair after Latka is unfaithful. 10/21/1982
E3 Alex Goes Off the Wagon Jim bails out Alex after a gambling binge. 10/14/1982
E2 Jim's Inheritance Jim must prove mental competence to collect his inheritance. 10/07/1982
E1 Love, Un-American Style Latka and Simka hold a matchmaking party. 09/30/1982