Texas Cheer Moms - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E15 Facing the Finals Nerves have an effect as the National Cheerleading Championships finally arrive. 12/18/2006
E14 The Final Fall 12/18/2006
E13 The Blame Game 12/18/2006
E12 Money for Nothing 12/11/2006
E11 Clueless 12/11/2006
E10 The Lone Star New girl Andrea, who barely fits in, has a major fall. 12/04/2006
E9 Achy Breaky Heart Brittney is crushed when her quarterback boyfriend cheats with another cheerleader. 12/04/2006
E8 Momma's Boy When Coach Jason has trouble connecting with the girls, he goes to his own mother for help. 11/27/2006
E7 12 Angry Women The Midway High Cheer mothers are not happy with their daughters' progress. 11/27/2006
E6 Rebel Without a Squad Whitney has reservations about leaving the squad and goes to her mother for advice. 11/20/2006
E5 Attitude Adjustment When Meagan's attitude causes her to have problems with the coach, her mother intervenes. 11/20/2006
E4 17 Going on 35 Lauren is about to crack from the pressure of cheering, homework, two jobs and a sick father. 11/13/2006
E3 Grow Up! Laura, the youngest girl on the squad, gets in trouble with Coach. 11/13/2006
E2 Mommy Fear-est Kristen worries about disappointing her mother. 11/06/2006
E1 I'm Calling My Mom When Tara is made an alternate, her mother goes to see the coach. 11/06/2006